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Authentic Faulk calls have been made and hand-tuned in the USA since 1951. 

It has come to our attention that counterfeit calls and packaging with "Made in China" are being sold online.  Authentic Faulk calls will always be made in the USA.  Calls that have "Made in China" on the package are NOT genuine Faulk calls.  Look for the "Made in the USA" logo to ensure that you are buying authentic American-made Faulk calls!  You can buy genuine Faulk calls direct from Faulk's at


Joseph says...

Best calls made—period.

Brittney Says...

Best dang calls around! I would highly recommend. Wonderful craftsmanship!

Adam Says...

Very good hand built calls. Great customer service. The crow call is very authentic for making a gobbler speak up. Pass on the plastic crow calls that sound bad and get this one and just blow in it.

Jonathan Says...

Y'all need a good call ? They have em ...most folks don't know about this gem! Hand made in Lake Charles....swing by and grab one.

Scott Says..

I recently came upon an old buck grunt my grandfather used that was missing a label. They were super responsive to my requests. Good customer service seems to be a rarity these days but this company provides it in spades. The call still sounds great after 35+ years. Will be doing business with them again for sure.

John Says..

Just thought I would share with you a photo of a turkey I shot after using this old call from the 70’s to call the Tom in! It was a 23 pounder with a 10.5” beard! My old call did the trick! If you zoom in on a couple of the photos, you can see the Faulk name on the call.

Bill Says...

Bill M: I have been hunting ducks and geese from the Dakotas to Louisiana since the sixties and during that time I have had the opportunity to try a great number of calls, many professed to be the best calls ever made but most failed to live up to their claims. I have always returned to Faulk's calls and they have never disappointed me. I have purchased literally hundreds of Faulk calls over the years mostly as gifts for novice hunters learning to call and to veteran hunters with years of experience who, like me, never go to the blind without them.

Raul Says...

Affordable quality calls! Wood produces good ducky tone!

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