Predator Calls

Deer Snort Call
DS-6 - Deer Snort Call - $12.95

Deer Snort Call tuned with low tone for imitating snort sound of deer.
Elk 2 in 1 Call
EKT-10 - Elk 2 in 1 Call - $20.95

Elk 2 in 1 call made of walnut and plastic tube. Produces sound of either cow or bull elk, with lanyard.
Elk Rigid Plastic Tube Call
EK-8 - Elk Rigid Plastic Tube Call - $16.95

Elk rigid plastic tube call with cork insert for producing sound of bull elk.
Walnut Deer Call
D-50 - Walnut Deer Call - $14.95

Deer calls in walnut. Blowing light and soft produces BLEAT call.
Walnut Deer Call
GD-53 - Walnut Deer Call - $14.95

The Grunt GD-53 produces soft, mellow, tapered grunt sound.
Walnut Deer Call
GD-53T - Walnut Deer Call - $15.95

The Grunt GD-53 with tube. Produces deep tone.
3 Predator Call Set
PR-3 - 3 Predator Call Set - $29.95

3 Predator call set consists of a jackrabbit, cottontail and squeaker call. Each tuned to imitate natural sound of animal. Extremely effective.
Squirrel Distress Call
SD-87 - Squirrel Distress Call - $12.95

Squirrel distress call with hardwood barrel. Makes distress sound of young squirrels to attract other squirrels, making them an easy target for hunters.
Predator Squeaker Call
PSC-18 - Predator Squeaker Call - $9.95

Predator squeaker call is extremely effective at short distance. Imitates field mice or small animals for attracting predators into close range. Small and easy to use.
Squirrel Call
S-80 - Squirrel Call - $9.95

Rubber bulb with metal sound device. Simple to operate. Tap lightly to produce effective chatter.
Deluxe Squirrel Call
LS-85 - Deluxe Squirrel Call - $14.95

Maple wood call with rubber bellows and metal sound device. Simple hand operation produces effective squirrel chatter.
Predator Cottontail
PCR-61 - Predator Cottontail - $12.95

Predator cottontail call imitates the high pitch scream of cottontail. Can be used for long or short range calling.
Predator Adjustable Call
P60-A - Predator Adjustable Call - $16.95

Predator adjustable call with fine walnut finish, precision reed and adjustable ring to produce distress call of jackrabbit, cottontail and squeaker.
Predator Call
P-60 - Predator Call - $14.95

Predator call with walnut finished barrel, tuned with precision metal reed producing distress call of rabbits or small animals. Surprising results with fox, crows and hawks.


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