Goose Calls

Honker Call
HSR-20 - Honker Call - $29.95

Flute Type honker call with short reed tune to mimic the 5 basic calls of the Canada Goose. Crafted walnut, hand tuned call, easy to blow to produce sharp mellow tone.
Camo Goose Call
CAMX-25 - Camo Goose Call - $30.95

This goose call is finished with Advantage MAX-4DH camo pattern for maximum stealth. Tuned to call all species of geese.
Combination Duck/Goose Call
CDG-55 - Combination Duck/Goose Call - $34.95

Made of cherry and walnut. Great sound, simple to operate, eliminates carrying two calls, double lanyard included
Flute Goose Call
HFC-19 - Flute Goose Call - $26.95

Flute goose call made of walnut and very easy to blow. Tested and proven successful in calling Canada Geese. Comes with double lanyard.
Cherry Goose Call
CH-44 - Cherry Goose Call - $19.95

Faulk's world-famous goose sound in beautiful walnut and cherry wood barrels. Can be used to successfully call all species of geese.
Mini Pro Goose Call
MP-12G - Mini Pro Goose Call - $16.95

Small, simple and easy to blow! This one piece call is made by hand from rare hardwoods.
Honker Call
H-100 - Honker Call - $21.95

Specially tuned to make calling Canada geese easy for everyone. Features walnut barrels, easy to blow, and include instructions.
High Pitch Honker Call
H-100H - High Pitch Honker Call - $22.95

Honker call tuned for higher pitch. Comes with instructions and easy to follow!
Specklebelly Goose Call
SG-49 - Specklebelly Goose Call - $16.95

This call is more dangerous than its size suggests! Designed by multiple World Goose Champion Dud Faulk. It will bring in white-fronted geese anywhere! Features a heavy duty metal reed.
Large Specklebelly Goose Call
SG-49L - Large Specklebelly Goose Call - $18.95

Dud Faulk's same great Speklebelly tone in a larger walnut barrel. Uses cherry wood sound board with ultra durable reed.
Large Specklebelly Goose Call with Tube
SG-49LT - Large Specklebelly Goose Call with Tube - $19.95

SG-49L with flexible tube for directing sound of the call.
Popular Goose Call
PL-22 - Popular Goose Call - $17.95

Originally designed by World Goose Call Champion Patin Faulk. Tuned for natural tone effective for calling all species of geese. Made with the popular polymer/wood barrel combo. Easy to blow.
Canada Goose Call
ZHG-15 - Canada Goose Call - $39.95

Canada Goose call of extra large zebrawood barrels, with lanyard, keeps perfect tone and impressionable gift.


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