Duck Calls

Deluxe Duck Call
WA-33 - Deluxe Duck Call - $19.95

Our most popular call! Trusted by hunters and guides throughout the world. Tuned for a natural mallard tone
Camo Duck Call
CAMX-15 - Camo Duck Call - $30.95

Tuned for natural tone desired for mallards. Finished with Advantage MAX-4HD camo pattern.
Adjustable Deluxe Duck Call
WA-33A - Adjustable Deluxe Duck Call - $21.95

An adjustable version of the WA-33 Deluxe Duck Call. Tuned for natural mallard tone but features an adjustable ring to allow tuning without disassembling call
Champion Duck Call
C-100 - Champion Duck Call - $28.95

made of zebrawood and walnut, easy to blow, excellent for mallards and large ducks
Mini Pro Duck Call
MP-12D - Mini Pro Duck Call - $16.95

This pocket-sized one-piece call is handcrafted from zebrawood. Simple, lightweight, and easy to blow.
High Volume Duck Call
HV-99 - High Volume Duck Call - $20.95

Duck call specially designed for loud blowers. Cherry and walnut construction. Durable reed designed to solve moisture problems. Requires larger volume of air
Original Duck Call
CA-11 - Original Duck Call - $16.95

The original Faulk's duck call. Same classic design, hand-crafted for over 60 years from natural growing Louisiana bamboo
Regular Duck Call
WA-11 - Regular Duck Call - $16.95

Regular duck call. Natural tone. Walnut finish
Special Duck Call
WA-22 - Special Duck Call - $19.95

Walnut duck call featuring copper band for reinforcement
Special Bamboo Duck Call
CA-22 - Special Bamboo Duck Call - $18.95

Special bamboo duck call featuring reinforcement band
Professional Duck Call
RW-14 - Professional Duck Call - $39.95

This ergonomic call features an extra large zebrawood barrel. Lanyard included.
Combination Duck/Goose Call
CDG-55 - Combination Duck/Goose Call - $34.95

Made of cherry and walnut. Great sound, simple to operate, eliminates carrying two calls, double lanyard included
Double Reed Duck Call
DR-66 - Double Reed Duck Call - $21.95

Dual reed duck call with mellow tone for woods hunting. Chuckles easily.
Diving Duck Call
DD-7 - Diving Duck Call - $18.95

Designed for calling bluebills, canvasbacks, and redheads
Drake Mallard Call
DMC-64 - Drake Mallard Call - $18.95

Produces authentic drake mallard sound, feed call, and hen mallard
4-in-1 Duck Call
GW-41 - 4-in-1 Duck Call - $16.95

Calls greenwing teals, pintails, widgeons, and drake mallards. Instructions included
Blue Wing Teal Call
BW-4 - Blue Wing Teal Call - $13.95

Simple to blow, produces the bluewing's distinct "tic, tic" sound
Pintail Call
PW-70 - Pintail Call - $14.95

Produces natural tone of drake pintail. Lightweight walnut construction. Works for widgeons too
Variable Tone Pintail Call
PWV-75 - Variable Tone Pintail Call - $15.95

Produces a variety of drake and widgeon tones.
Wood Duck Squealer Call
WD-30 - Wood Duck Squealer Call - $17.95

Squealer call in walnut finish, tuned insert produces cry or squeal of the wood duck.
Giant Duck Call
GC-D - Giant Duck Call - $79.95

A functioning call of epic proportion! Weighing in at 1 lbs and measuring 12" in length, it only makes sense that this call is made from Sequoia Redwood. Hand-crafted and hand-tuned with the same attention to detail as all Faulk calls. A great gift for any duck hunter. Includes custom over-sized lanyard for those daring enough to take it into the field.


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